Tesla Exploration Ltd. is one of the largest international seismic contractors in the world. Our experienced field staff acquire and process seismic data in any type of terrain or environment to tight deadlines. 

Tesla Exploration Ltd., provides a comprehensive range of onshore and offshore geophysical and geological services to a wide and growing client base across the oil, gas, coal, mineral, water and major civil engineering industries. Utilizing the most up to date and technically advanced recording equipment across all operations, our customers are provided premium seismic data to reduce their exploration and development risks. 

We have extensive experience when acquiring 2D, 2D-3C, 3D, 3D-3C, 4D, 4D-3C land seismic surveys using either explosives and/or Vibrators as a source. As well, we have acquired multiple, lake, river, transitional zone and marine surveys with airgun sources; all supported by a full seismic processing, interpretation and GIS service.

Coupled with this, Tesla Exploration Ltd. is a leading offshore service provider offering comprehensive Geophysical, Geoscience, Marine Construction and Marine Salvage support in offshore waters around the world. 

Tesla Exploration Ltd. crews have been operating continually throughout Canada, United States, Trinidad, Europe and the African continent. Each country and respective city, town, village and hamlet has its own unique challenges regarding terrain, environmentally sensitive areas, mobilization of equipment, governing rules and culture.

Successfully addressing all of these challenges is at the heart of our operations. We firmly believe community liaison and involvement, land permitting and utility information gathering (both private and public) are key to both an efficient acquisition and fostering good relationships. 

Tesla Exploration Ltd. policies on quality control, health and safety, employment and environment are reviewed regularly to ensure they conform to worldwide practice and standards.